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Valuing workers is the pathway to profits

Help employees bring their dreams out of the shadows

I am always encouraging my Dasher teammates to follow their dreams.

When I said this to one of our teammates, however, he rapidly responded that he doesn’t have a dream.

But when I drilled down into this man’s life and values, I discovered that he did indeed have a dream — and it was not for him, but for his grandkids. His dream was to see every one of his grandchildren finish college.

Realizing that “your” dream might be your dream for someone else is illuminating and can inspire greatness. It did for this man, once he identified that goal and kept it foremost in his mind.

I fear so many of us are merely step-step-stepping on the treadmill of life. Too often, we go through life on autopilot, without looking at the big picture or glaring critically into the future.

For many of our team members, who are economically fragile, their dream is not to buy an island; it can be as simple as helping their children learn to speak better English, taking care of neglected teeth or purchasing a townhouse.  Once the dream is in focus, it can become a goal with a clear pathway to success.

At Dasher, we show our teammates that we value them by asking these questions and then helping them to realize dreams and achieve goals.

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