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Apply! Apply! – The search for qualified candidates.

Our Biggest Resource

Anybody who runs a company knows that you have to have a solid stream of candidates to fill open positions.  Our people are our biggest resource and without our people, we wouldn’t have “Team Dasher.”  We spend a lot of time identifying and hiring talent who can succeed in the organization while contributing to Dasher’s ongoing success.

How We Find the Perfect Candidates

The first thing we ensure is that our candidate is qualified.  Qualified means that the candidate has a set of personal values that align with the Dasher Way.  If the values aren’t there, we don’t continue – even if the skills to do the job are present.  In fact, we’ll look at a candidate with no diploma or no matching skills as long as the value fit is right. We also don’t have preconceived notions about what someone should look like in order to fill a position.  Clothing choices, piercings, tattoos, hairstyles and other outward facing elements really don’t matter to us as much as the value fit.  Our goal is to find the person underneath it all who wants to do the job and has the values alignment needed to be part of the Dasher team.

Recruiting to Find the Perfect Candidates

Relationship recruiting is our best way to find candidates.  We actively seek personal referrals and bonus our staff for sending candidates who are eventually hired.  Dasher encourages employees to send their friends, neighbors, ex-colleagues, kids, and parents.  We are convinced that people with good values herd together and our team knows some of the best.

We also use non-relationship-based candidate sources such as Craigslist, social media, county workforce development offices, and workforce training organizations.  We’ve found that our website is a good recruiting tool as many people watch it waiting for jobs to be posted.

When we are recruiting, our Dasher job postings include less information about our wants and needs and more about the benefits to candidates from working for Dasher. We communicate how it feels to be a member of our team and explain how Dasher supports the achievement of personal goals and dreams.

ln our next blog entry, we’ll talk about our interview process.  Some say it’s tough but finding making sure each candidate is a fit for our values and our team is critical to success.

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