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The Final Steps in Hiring the Right Person

The Final Phase

If you are reading along, you may be wondering how we can do all this so quickly.  We have buy-in that our hiring process has to be rigorous and fast.  It can be done!

In the final phase of our hiring process, we review the test results and conduct a second in-person interview.  We ask specific questions to clarify results showing in the testing process.

On the combined basis of the first two interviews and the test results, we determine which candidates will meet with someone on the executive leadership team along with the hiring manager.

There are two people in the meeting, sometimes more, for a variety of points of view. We have additional prescribed questions designed to bring out more experiences and behavioral examples in areas that the preceding steps have highlighted for further exploration.

Following that meeting, the group together decides whether the candidate is qualified on all counts. If they are the right person for Dasher, we get an offer out to them within a day.

Making the Offer Quickly

From the time a promising resume comes in until we make an offer can be as little as seven days. We move at lightning speed to evaluate and hire candidates who are a fit for Dasher before they have a chance to think about working anywhere else.

We always acknowledge people and thank them, whether or not we choose to pursue them as a candidate. While they may not be a fit for us and our culture, they may well be perfect for another organization. We believe that everybody has a place.


In our next blog entry, we’ll talk about some of the unique aspects of our workplace.

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