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Melting Isolation

Working remotely needn’t lack uplifting human contact


It is easy to feel disconnected and distressed when you are working from home and taking note of the death toll from COVID-19. Where you once had a routine to follow, a place to go and a reason to get dressed in the morning, you now might feel disoriented and alone.


Hiding behind a surgical mask or staring into a computer does nothing to ease the sense of isolation.


With the organic energy of human interaction, whether through a phone call, email, Skype, Zoom or other form of virtual meeting, corporate leaders can sense morale changes in the team.  They can see it in the faces that populate the computer screen. They can sense if someone is struggling or self-isolating in the extreme, through not only words but silence or irritability.


Laughter can be contagious. Support is infectious. That, to me, is the essence of Dasher’s success.


Our culture centers on shared experiences.


When I call our team members individually, as I do on a set rotation, I am not performing cynical check-ins. I am genuinely concerned about these people.


I ask, “How are you?” not just, “What are you working on?” And I know I have succeeded when someone asks me how I’m doing in return.


We are always asking, “What do you need?” We fight the sense of isolation by having a little fun, maybe asking everyone to post a selfie or to share the first place they will go when this chapter in our lives is over.


The concern that team members show in return is very touching, and it makes us all want to work harder for one another.


Dasher is a data-driven, customer contact services operation with a focus on communicating complex messages to diverse populations. Specific capabilities include face-to-face communications provided by our field teams, customer engagement strategies provided by our call center and member engagement staff, and secure, complex, variable mailing services provided by our production team. Dasher is an experienced Minority, Women and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (MWDBE) with a bestselling book, The Talent Pool,” and is certified by AICPA with the SOC2SM Type2 data certification and validation.

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