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Non-Traditional Benefits: The Icing on the Dasher Cake

Health and Happiness

We all know money can’t buy happiness.  At Dasher, we have found that it’s our culture and non-traditional benefits that often do.

The “pursuit of happiness” lies not only at the heart of our nation’s Declaration of Independence but in our mission statement. It guides our approach to every team member’s life and livelihood.  Our stated goal, expressed often in our daily workforce interactions, is to light the way for our team to “live happier, healthier lives.”

That “health” entails not only physical health, nor is it only financial health; it is our objective to empower our team members to be holistically healthy.

Our dedication to our team members transcends the issuing of bi-weekly paychecks.  We work to maintain a supportive family environment where our team can grow and thrive in every aspect of their existence.

Helping in a non-traditional way

We focus heavily on non-traditional benefits, which add humanity and humility to our culture.  These benefits involve programs based in positivity and on great incentives for great work, great effort, and great displays of kindness.

But first, our traditional benefits. Dasher offers a rich benefits package, including medical, dental, vision, group life insurance, group disability insurance, a 401 (k), paid time off, and holidays. We often hear how rare it is for a smaller company to provide such a vast portfolio of benefits.  We are proud to say that even our traditional benefits are nontraditional.

For many employees, and especially for those at the lower end of the pay scale, the value to them for the benefits we provide can be equivalent to 100 percent of their annual compensation.  And at a time when many other companies are decreasing their match of 401 (k) benefits, we are heading in the other direction and increasing our match.

To that menu, we add our other “non-traditional benefits.”

Among the most well-known is our offering free access for all team members to the SmartDollar® Financial Wellness Benefit for Employees.  This is an easy-to-understand, step-by-step approach to helping team members proactively take control of their money.  They are encouraged to eliminate debt, save for emergencies and retire with confidence.  We have team members who found their lives positively transformed for themselves and their loved ones.

In conjunction with SmartDollar®, we offer our team members a program that allows employees to establish their own personal emergency savings account and save $1,000 through a combination of payroll deductions and Dasher-provided funds.  When that all-important family car breaks down on the interstate, or a washing machine grinds to a sudden stop, the employee’s emergency savings fund can be a lifesaver. Just having it can provide peace of mind before a devastating curve ball decimates their tight budgets.

Another benefit, the Gotcha Program, provides an opportunity for teammates to nominate fellow teammates for going above and beyond the standard in exhibiting Dasher’s values.  Approved nominations receive points. Each point is worth $1 and can be redeemed by the nominee for cash or paid out through direct deposit. Working hard on a significant project, calming a difficult caller, or completing an associate’s degree is cause for a Gotcha.

Yet another reward is our Employee Assistance Program, which provides financial and other assistance to employees in an emergency. Financial aid arrives in the form of grants that do not require repayment.

Each of these benefits supports the vision of Dasher’s Team Member Prosperity and Success Model in building health holistically.

Through our non-traditional benefits, President Tracey Glenn explains, that we help employees with the joys and stresses that we all bring into the workplace –or now, in our COVID-19 world, into our home offices as we telework.

COVID-19 has also challenged us and led us to find new and enhanced ways to touch people.

When most of our team was sent home following the governor’s “stay-at-home” directive, for example, we did a call rotation.  We called each team member to check-in.  Our phone calls were not about work. We simply asked, “Are you and your family ok?”

It may seem like a “mother hen” approach, but it is part of Dasher’s unique dynamics that has made our company and our team members stronger, more resilient, and more connected than a traditional workplace ever could be.  Our Dasher traditional and non-traditional benefits reflect a philosophy of caring that allows our team members to pursue their own health and happiness.

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