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A Second Chance to Make a First Impression

A Second Chance

One of our teammates at Dasher battled addiction at one point in their life. It led to poor decisions that landed them in prison. It also left them divorced and a single parent to a small child.

Now sober and out of a destructive marriage, one negative remnant remained: a criminal charge that, in the eyes of many employers, disqualified potential employees’ right out of the gate.

We decided to meet this candidate and see what they were really like.

Many state and federal contracts prohibit hiring someone with any convictions, so despite “Clean Slate” laws, these hires are complicated. But I knew this candidate could not afford to sit on the sidelines.

They came in, and we talked. They were clean, sober and ready to work hard.  I called our client and said, “If this makes you uncomfortable, we won’t move forward.”

The client asked for time to think about it, but ultimately said, “Let’s do it.” We gave this person a second chance.

They now work for Dasher and they are doing exemplary work. In fact, a dream vacation for their cherished child is in the works.


A Message for Everyone

Our hiring process is all outlined and prescribed. However, we don’t reject someone out-of-hand, and the steps in our process don’t disqualify someone for one nervous answer.

The disease that consumed this candidate could have messed up their whole life. But when they overcame this addiction, strong values remained. Dasher gained a valuable employee because we took the time to look deeper.

It’s a valuable message for all employers.


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