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Solid as Our Rocks, Easy as Pie

Accountability from the Top Down

One of the essential ingredients in the Entrepreneurial Operating System, or EOS® ( we use is a pie chart that we take bites of often.

The pie chart identifies six components that every business must successfully manage to soar.

These factors include 1) vision, one that is shared by all; 2) data, to keep a running scorecard and track measurables 3) process, one that is documented and followed by all; 4) people, whose position must match their skill set to excel; 5) issues, and 6) traction, to include goals (rocks) and meetings to track progress.

By being tool-focused and process-driven under this pie-shaped template, everyone’s eyes are on the same prize.

At the ground level, this management model means having one-on-one meetings regularly.

EOS® dubs these meetings as “L10” because we rate them on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the goal we want. Those are held once a week, from entry-level team members up to the executive level.

Agendas are all laid out and are the same for each team member.

“Rocks” — or high-level objectives — are established. A rock is one of the three to seven most important things you need to get done in the next 90 days.

A key tool utilized is what is known as a “V/TO,” a vision traction organizer, which is a strategic plan on paper.

We set one-year, three-year, and 10-year goals and outline the steps we must take to meet those goals, implement that vision, and live out our shared values.

Everyone has a number and a scorecard. We have cascades, with inspirational messages that start at the top and cascade down.

A call center representative may have a goal of 40 calls an hour, but the level of accountability is so far higher at the executive level. They must look at all calls across the entire project.

When we consider tools like V/TOs, scorecards, and rocks, we examine a crucial barometer: “Who gets it, wants it, can do it?” (GWC)

When a team member needs course correction, we may realize that he wants to do well but cannot perform well in that role. Or she may have the capability but does not have the drive. It is these components that help us think and evaluate clearly to make changes.

Through every documented process, we understand that there are no mistakes; there are only lessons. By devouring the whole pie and juggling every rock, the team can reach peak performance.


Dasher is a data-driven, customer contact services operation with a focus on communicating complex messages to diverse populations. Specific capabilities include face-to-face communications provided by our field teams, customer engagement strategies provided by our call center and member engagement staff, and secure, complex, variable mailing services provided by our production team. Dasher is an experienced Minority, Women and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (MWDBE) with a bestselling book, “The Talent Pool,” and is certified by AICPA with the SOC2SM Type2 data certification and validation.

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