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Welcome to the Team Dasher Blog!

Starting A Movement!

Dasher is starting a movement to improve the lives of low-wage, economically-fragile workers by creating a community of like-minded businesses actively engaged in solutions that help economically-fragile workers become economically stable.

We will share a new way of thinking about a long-standing problem — reducing high turnover in low wage jobs. We will write about how to successfully recruit, engage, and retain employees who are economically fragile.

At Dasher, we believe every human being is of equal value and everyone deserves to be heard.  We are committed to creating equal access to prosperity as each of us defines it for ourselves.  What’s more, we know that creating a company culture based on these principles leads to economic success for both Dasher and our people.

Dasher’s workforce includes many low wage, economically-fragile people.  Ten years ago, we concluded that paying higher wages and offering comprehensive benefits to low-wage, economically-fragile employees did not measurably improve employee retention or drastically improve quality of life.

Who are the Economically Fragile?

Economically fragile people are employees, customers, constituents.  They are young and old, and every race, creed and gender.  Economically fragile people are talented and dedicated and they are great teammates.   Economically fragile people are uncertain about the continuous availability of life’s basic necessities for themselves and other people for whom they are responsible.  Economically fragile people are typically low wage earners with numerous obstacles and limited opportunities to become economically stable.

There is a clear economic benefit for employers that comes from caring more about the quality of life experienced by economically fragile workers.  It comes in the form of maximizing returns on employee recruitment, reducing the cost of employee turnover, and differentiating the business in the eyes of customers and prospects as both a socially responsible and an economically successful partner.

Next week’s blog lays out the Solid Business Reasons to Care about Economically Fragile Workers.

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