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Words of Comfort for the ‘I don’t interview well’ Crowd

“I don’t interview well.”

People who don’t interview well may think they are doomed never to get the job they want. Not true at Dasher.

At Dasher, our strength is in hiring and creating a culture that empowers the economically fragile.  We give our job applicants so many chances to talk to us, so one bad day or one bad answer won’t taint the well.

Our hiring is very deliberate, uniform and position-specific.

For example, one of our clients wanted Dasher to help them with technical writing and revisions.

Two strong candidates emerged. They seemed roughly equivalent in their skill sets. We asked both to revise their resume and get back to us. We knew this would reveal whether each one can take direction, stomach feedback and think analytically enough to make constructive changes.

One candidate pushed back on our request and asked, “Why are you making me change my resume?”

The other person revised her resume. Guess who got the job?

That hire is a raving success.

Forget the rules about navy blue suits and conservative jewelry. At least for us, we hire applicants with purple hair, tattoos, piercings, whatever.

I always say, “They can dress like the flying nun. I’m not turned off by the packaging.”

We DO care about things like your driving record, your criminal background, work ethic honesty. The existence of a blemish will not automatically discount you.

Employers need to create a space for people to admit they messed up in the past and then talk it through. Everyone makes mistakes – we look for honesty and how they correct the situation and what they’ve learned.

It isn’t an easy process, but it is the only way to find the gems amid the rocks in The Talent Pool.


Dasher is a data-driven, customer contact, services operation with a focus on communicating complex messages to diverse population. Specific capabilities include face-to-face communications provided by our field teams, customer engagement strategies provided by our call center and member engagement staff, and secure, complex variable mailing services provided by our production team. Dasher is an experienced minority woman disadvantaged business enterprise (MWDBE) with a bestselling book, “The Talent Pool” and is certified by AICPA with the SOC2SM Type2 data certification and validation.

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