About Dasher Inc.

Strong Relationships. Mutual Partnerships.

Dasher’s clients place a high value on partnering with small businesses that are transparent, financially strong, and well known. We frequently field requests from business partners that are searching for other small diverse business partners.


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Our Social Mission
is to help people lead happy, healthy lives.

Our Purpose

By being a trustworthy business partner for organizations serving the Medicaid population, Dasher can help people live happy, healthy lives. To that end, we provide:

  • Timely, accurate information to make good decisions.
  • Meaningful opportunities for employment.
  • Encouragement for all with whom we interact to achieve a healthy balance of mind, body, and spirit.

We offer our team a welcoming, respectful and safe environment that reinforces our commitment to high expectations for performance and community citizenship.

Strong Relationships.
Mutual Partnerships.


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Dasher provides time, talent, and measurable financial support for many community service organizations.

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