The Talent Pool: How to Find and Keep Dedicated People While Making a Lasting Impact.

Dasher Executives Release New Book on Boosting Employee Productivity: The Talent Pool: How to Find and Keep Dedicated People While Making a Lasting Impact.

Harrisburg, PASharon Ryan, Chief Executive Officer and Cynthia Tolsma, President Emeritus of Dasher Services, Inc., release their latest book, The Talent Pool: How to Find and Keep Dedicated People While Making a Lasting Impact. In it, they outline the Team Member Prosperity and Success Model to transform ordinary people into extraordinary team members; while increasing productivity and decreasing employee turnover.

“Dasher exists to help people live happy, healthy lives. That’s our mission, not only for our clients but also for our employees,” the authors write. “Dasher is an example of a successful for-profit business that is committed to supporting economically fragile people.” Economically fragile people are uncertain about the continuous availability of life’s basic necessities for themselves and other people for whom they are responsible. “We believe our way of doing business is what makes us successful.”

The Talent Pool comes at a time of historically low unemployment and high turnover. The Team Member Prosperity and Success Model aims to improve employee retention to decrease expensive hiring costs. This book can help to expand a business, influence the economically fragile, strengthen brand identity and create economically stable employees.

The Talent Pool is an Amazon Best Seller and #1 New Release in Business Operations Research. It is currently available for purchase on

Dasher Services, Inc. is a data-driven, customer contact, services operation with a focus on communicating about Medicaid and related programs to insurers, providers and subscribers. Established in 1985, Dasher serves the Harrisburg, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia area.

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Reviews of The Talent Pool From Amazon:

“This book advances the critical conversations that leaders and managers need to have right now to meet the challenges of contemporary organizations and, at the same time, to challenge the conventional wisdom. It outlines the roles of leaders at all levels in making cultural change and in shaping a workplace where all people can thrive. In particular, it describes real-life principles and practices and, more importantly, outlines empirically their results and impact. I highly recommend this book to every leader, entrepreneur, manager, supervisor and HR professional.” – Nancy M.

“Ten years of dogged determination to profitably care for low wage economically fragile workers distilled into this book. If you have it in your heart to care for the economically fragile workers in your business, this book is your express lane over the inspiration bridge from commitment to making a lasting impact. Enjoy.” – Richard R.

“The book The Talent Pool introduces readers to the highly innovative Team Member Prosperity and Success Model and its measurable results. The authors share how any business can create a culture that lifts all boats, supporting all, and providing a safety net for anyone in need.” – Debbi D.

“Loved the book, so glad I read it. I have a micro business and need to train an employee. I was focused on the end result and stressing about how to get them there. Talent Pool showed me how to focus on smaller more achievable goals that would be better for both us. I’m sure it won’t take long for us to get to our ultimate goal together as a team. The Dasher Way is a great model for any size business.” – Linda H.

“A must read for all people leaders. Tremendous creativity in addressing and solving the needs of employees that may be applied in every business. This reading will make you think differently about building business culture.” – Alan D.

“When I heard the idea of hiring economically disadvantaged employees, paying them well, making a profit and having a great business, I was skeptical. Sharon Ryan and Cynthia Tolsma have carefully walked through their process and their data to show how effective this can be. The depth of the book is right where it needs to be. It may not be a typical model, but I think this book and this style of leadership fill a number of important gaps in our communities.” – David S.



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