Community Health Workers Connect People to Healthcare Services

Dasher’s community outreach
gives you boots on the ground to collect data,
educate, and observe performance.

Dasher’s professional and culturally savvy field teams already know their way around the community.

  • Our teams implement your regulatory-compliant outreach strategy through face-to-face communications with the right people.
  • Our grassroots communicators provide health education, collect data, and observe performance of required services.
  • We identify opportunities to collaborate with leaders of community-based service organizations.


  • We’re knowledgeable about accomplishing goals through one-to-one relationships with agency leaders and participation in health fairs.
  • Our staff has training in motivational interviewing, a client-centered counseling style that has a higher success rate of overcoming ambivalence to change than more paternal approaches. It’s a technique that instills the client with ownership of the change process and elicits a behavior change the client embraces as his or her own.
  • We create positive change by influencing people to think and act in ways that improve the quality and efficiency of the healthcare services they receive.


Click here to learn more about the role community health workers are playing in reaching Medicaid program participants and connecting them with services.

Your organization provides or manages healthcare services. Dasher can deploy knowledgeable healthcare personnel on your behalf.

Contact Sharon Ryan at (717) 234.3274 to find out how CHWs can help you connect with your customers.
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