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How Long Does It Take to Get Measurable Results?

Results May Vary!

Actual results may vary!  We developed the Team Member Prosperity and Success Model through trial and error over a ten-year period and we continue to enhance and modify it.  It is a living document.

Most people we talk to about the Team Member Prosperity and Success Model are focused on implementing the system to help their employees.  Our experience shows that the first step is to assess your culture and determine if anyone feels safe enough to ask for the help.

Helping vs. Patronizing

There is a difference between helping and patronizing.  Helping is providing assistance that has been requested.  It’s patronizing to insist on providing assistance that has not been requested.  This is a crucial point.  The opposite of poverty is not wealth, it is dignity. In our experience, low-wage, economically fragile people are very aware of the precarious existence that they have and mostly consider it undignified.  That is why the idea of maintaining the individual’s dignity and pride flows through everything that we do.

Developing the Team Member Prosperity and Success Model

As we began developing the Team Member Prosperity and Success Model, we looked more closely at how to identify the characteristics of low-wage, economically fragile workers. As we learned how to eliminate stereotypes from our thought process, we realized just how vastly uninformed we were about who is economically fragile and why.

Typical approaches to influencing the behavior of economically fragile people (by “helping” them) often fail to respect peoples inherent dignity. This includes offering financial handouts that are humiliating; implementing would-be incentive programs that do not incentivize; or meddling in people’s lives with no invitation.

The Dasher Team Member Prosperity and Success Model influences behavior using respectful, dignified communication and by providing techniques specially designed for use with low-wage, economically fragile people.


In our next blog entry, we will begin explain Dasher’s Team Member Prosperity and Success Model.

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