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Why Worker Retention is Only Half the Story

The Dasher Way emphasizes that worker retention is mission-critical. This is especially true in a time of unprecedented low unemployment and high turnover.

A key to employee retention is hiring and nurturing VALUE-ALIGNED workers.

As any person in a dysfunctional work environment knows, people who are not in sync with your values can poison the well. Gossip, poor attitude, unwillingness to learn and other problem characteristics stifle innovation, risk-taking and can-do spirit.

It is so important that company leaders hire the right people. Experience is important, but attitude is everything.

For example, Dasher hires many community health workers. These CHWs encourage women to get prenatal visits and seek postpartum care. They influence others to have healthy babies. You cannot do that without building relationships. Our CHWs do that and do it incredibly well. I am so proud of their success and the success of the moms they inspire.

We have extremely low turnover in our workforce because they are doing something meaningful and achieving better outcomes for women and babies.

This success comes not only because we are training CHWs well and retaining them; we are hiring the right people from the start.

If the employee fits, we commit.


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